Virtual Presentation Guidelines


Please plan to have your slides or poster, as well as your recorded presentation, uploaded by 11 June 2022. Our committee needs time to check every video to ensure a smooth virtual meeting. We hope you will upload and record your materials well before the deadline. This will allow for better customer service and support, as well as prevent potential slow-downs or web disruptions that can be anticipated during heavy upload periods. It will also allow for the addition of closed captioning to virtual presentations.

Oral Presentation Requirements

Slides should be prepared in PowerPoint or a similar software package. However, slides should be uploaded to the submission site as a high-resolution PDF. Uploaded slides will be available to meeting attendees as VIEW ONLY.

Poster Presentation Requirements

For the best result, submit your poster as a high-resolution PDF in landscape format. The ideal poster dimensions are 1920px by 1080px for the virtual platform. However, a typical 36-inch tall by 48-inch wide poster will work as well. Posters will be available as VIEW ONLY to allow for an exhibit hall “like” virtual experience.


Login to the ASM 2022 abstract submission site using this link or by copying and pasting this link into your browser ( Your login and password is your email [Email] until you change it. Upon entering the site, confirm your contact information, update your information if needed, agree to the terms, and continue forward.

Presentation Submission

After you complete the login process, you will be at the ASM 2022 abstract submission site where you will see your presentation title. By selecting the red “Record Presentation” button, you can now choose to upload a pre-recorded presentation or record your presentation within the X-CD Virtual Conference Platform. Please see the section titled “Presentation Recording Options” below for more information about these two options.

To upload your presentation slides and posters, please locate the “Slides Upload” or “Poster Upload” button on the submission site. Both presentation slides and posters should be uploaded as PDFs. Presentation recordings can be submitted at the same time or separately.

Presentation Recording Options

Please note that the virtual meeting platform offers a built-in self-recording tool. Though you are not required to use it, we do encourage you to consider it for an effective and easy one-stop, self-serve process. We strongly recommend you use the most current version of Google Chrome to record your presentation through the virtual conference platform for the best result and to avoid errors.

For a detailed walkthrough on how to record your virtual presentation using the virtual conference platform tool, please watch this video or view by copying and pasting this link into your browser ( Please do a test recording prior to recording your full presentation to ensure that your audio and video settings are correct.

If you are more comfortable with another recording platform (e.g., Zoom, Loom, Webex, GoToMeeting, or PowerPoint), you have the option to record using your preferred software package and upload an MP4 video file using the “Upload Presentation Video” button. Be sure to share your screen to make your slides fully visible, and turn on your camera before recording your presentation. Please also review these helpful tips and tricks for additional presentation settings or view by copying and pasting this link into your browser (

For all presentation recordings, please be sure to describe your figures and images to capture descriptions in closed captioning. All figure and image descriptions should be given in sufficient detail to allow meeting participants with visual impairments to know their meaning in the recorded presentation. Contributed oral presentations are limited to 15 minutes, and poster presentations are limited to 5 minutes. Please adhere to these guidelines.

Office Hours

All presenters will have the option to schedule “office hours” in a private, in-app meeting room to field questions from conference attendees. Office hours will be limited to one hour, and they are entirely optional. Office hours can be scheduled during the presentation submission process. If you choose not to schedule office hours, there are other options in the meeting platform to communicate with conference attendees. Please schedule office hours by 21 June 2022.